What to Look for when Buying a Paper Shredder

Paper shredders are becoming much more popular in these times when identity theft is at an all time high. Shredding your important and personal documents can help to protect you from identity theft and keep your personal information, well, personal. There are quite a few different options to consider when buying a paper shredder. Here are some things you should consider before purchasing a paper shredder for your own use. SeeĀ someĀ amazon shredders for home use if you’re interested in looking deeper into it.

The type of paper shredder that you will need depends largely upon how many documents you plan to shred. Different paper shredders are designed to handle different amounts of paper both when it comes to how many sheets a day you can feed into the machine as well as how many sheets a day the paper shredder can comfortably shred. For instance, personal desktop paper shredders can usually handle about 5-7 sheets of paper at a time and can typically be used 15-20 times per day depending upon the model. Larger, heavy duty shredders can handle literally thousands of sheets of paper a day.

To decide which size of paper shredder is going to be right for you, estimate how many sheets of paper you plan to shred each day. Be generous with your estimates since once you have a paper shredder you may find yourself shredding everything in sight. It is better to have a paper shredder that is slightly too powerful than one that can’t handle your shredding needs.

Also consider how you typically store your sensitive data before buying a shredder. In addition to shredding paper, many modern paper shredders can also shred CD’s, which is a really great feature if you typically save sensitive data to CD instead of printing it out on your printer. These paper shredders are usually more expensive than a standard paper shredder because they are heavier duty, but the extra expense can be worth it if it helps you protect your information.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a paper shredder is how much privacy you need with your documents. Standard paper shredders just cut paper in one direction into thin strips. This is usually more than enough security for most people. However, if you handle extremely sensitive or confidential papers you may want to consider buying a cross cut shredder. These shredders are unique because they cut the paper both horizontally and vertically to reduce it to tiny pieces like confetti. Documents shredded with a cross cut shredder are nearly impossible to piece back together and provide a high level of security.

Lastly, be sure to consider the price of the shredder and get the highest quality shredder you can in your price range. Features such as a great warranty and a high quality motor are both great things to look for. As with any major purchase, shop around to be sure you are getting the best possible price before ordering or purchasing.

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