Virtual Keyboard Technology

Often times with most common new devices in 2017 you can use a physical keyboard to input keystrokes onto the machine and produce a document or some type of written report. Over time this can be frustrating and carrying around a physical keyboard all the time or having a very large device can be somewhat frustrating.

With newer devices such as the iPhone coming out we are seeing increased usage of the virtual keyboard and more people are deciding that a virtual keyboard will help them. Although you can view some of the best gaming keyboards @ techinsider, these keyboards may be fancy and nice however it is much nicer to have no keyboard at all and to simply use a virtual one displayed on your screen.

As we venture further along the technology road we are also witnessing the increased growth of the capabilities of virtual keyboards, predicted text has become very good and can easily help you type sentences in a very quick time period.

Voice has also seen a rise in use, you can now speak into your phone and with the dedicated software on your phone using your voice is now easier than ever. It can translate the words you speak into your phone into long sentences.

With gaming we are unlikely to see an increase in virtual keyboards, the physical keyboard is required so that the user can have quick reaction times and reduce the risk of misclicks. When using a virtual one, the chance of misclicking is extremely high whereas when you choose a physical keyboard especially a gaming dedicated one, you rarely run into issues.

Overall as 2017 finishes and we move into 2018, we probably going to see a rise across the board in these virtual keyboards, alongside the use of virtual mice which have already seen an increase with the advancements in the touchpad surfaces.

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